My Angel

An auspicious bright early morning,

all over pleasant cool breeze was flowing,

The melodious tune of koel was trying to soothe my pain of your arrival.

My expectations were pitching up with agony and anxiety.

Each of my breaths was exhaled out with the chanting of the Almighty.

Finally, the tiny, fair, beautiful face blossomed in front of my eyes.

Oh! What a great feeling I have experienced at that instant of surprise.

A heavenly feeling has showered on me.

All my thought process and actions towards life

has been transformed spontaneously.

The moment I felt the first touch of your soft body,

the presence of your smiling face of sun glow,

has erased all my pain and sorrow.

My life has entered an elevated platform.

The delighted crown has transferred a girl to be a mom.

Whenever I used to stare at you during infant,

your tiny blue eyes of pearl were looking for only me

in this unknown big world.

The seed of interdependency has been sowed.

You were totally clinging on me by holding my hand.

I was always there to prop you to stand.

I was the base frame of a symbiotic plant,

to support you to grow as big as the Banyan tree,

to progress with full foliage of success,

to ascent the steps of aspiration and achievements.

You have fulfilled all my dreams till today.


The blessings of the Almighty be there with you

forever and ever that I always pray.

I have quenched all my thirst of desire through you,

for all your cooperation, I am thankful to you.

I wish you should create an aura of pride for our country.

Your fragrance of service should meet the satisfaction of our poor society.

Mother won’t get any credit or value in this patriarchal society.

I do not even need anything, but do not look at me with pity.

My love and affection will always be there forever,

Please put only a rose of dignity and respect on my graveyard.


~Mondira Ganguly

Bangalore, India


  1. Sudakshina Sengupta


  2. Beautiful

  3. Ishita Chatterjee

    A toast to you. You are simply the best👍💯my dear Sis.

  4. Very beautiful. You have put your heart into those beautiful lines. Eagerly awaiting for you to come up with more similar soulful lines.

  5. Sutapa Guha Roy.

    Don’t have words to praise you.
    God bless you always.

  6. Excellent!
    Don’t have words to praise you.
    God bless you always.