If I Could

Just Sitting on a lonely lane,

If I could paint a dream world,

Then why I am still brushing on it,

realizing that it’s never real.


Pricking on the thorn,

If I could heal faster,

Then why heart heals slow,

over the emotion of filtered words.


Receiving the fame,

If I could buy the expensive,

Then why I am still faking the smile,

just not to auction my happiness.


Preserving the pickle,

If I could complete my meal,

Then why is that still the requisite love,

alone unattainable when it’s stale.


 Crushing a waste paper,

If I could discard the unwanted,

Then why I am still burying,

the past, leaving no space for the present.


Hearing the applause for my success,

If I could  move forward in the path,

Then why I am still stumbling,

over the criticism for my failure.


Wearing  a makeup on face,

If I could conceal the soggy eyes,

Then why I am unable to patch up,

my not-so-perfect life with compliments.


Painting the dream world,

By sitting in the lonely lane,

What if I could swap the life,

Just by sneaking into the painting.


If I could change everything

Then maybe I should not worry after all.


~Durga Devi G



  1. Shubhangi Kotwal

    Nicely written and with deep meaning.

  2. Vandana Sharma

    Every action explained so beautifully and despite being so small these actions are loud!