I Remember!

I remember the words of yours

how harsh they were!

I remember the eyes of yours

how burning they were;

I remember the face of yours

how cruel their echoes were,

I couldn’t stay a bit,

I wanted to be, though,

you simply didn’t allow me,

your postures refused to grant my presence.

I was shocked,

I was tormented,

I shed my tears in silence!

But in vain.

but I couldn’t hurt you,

I had no other path,

but leave you in silence!

I don’t know, if I shall come back

through the path amid the woods,

through the path dotted with rose

or the path of thorns,

to injure my feet,

to bleed my feet,

only to realise

I had loved you once!!


~Kunal Roy

Kolkata, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Real Love last has its ramifications of course, but won’t go to the extent of harming the estranged partner….rather the affected finds solace in silence!