I Am a Rainbow

I am a rainbow;The most coulourful and beautiful creation.I exist gracefully for a brief period though,Giving joy and happiness to all the beholders.No one can create or destroy me;I exist when conditions favour me.The little drop of rain and some rays of shine play their role,To artistically paint the dome with multiple hues.I see everyone excited and smiling at me;But wishing for me to freeze forever,To be the feast of their eyes for eternity.Some love to hug it tight to their bosom,And some like to tease it like a toy for joy,Both of which are impossible.Nobody would mourn for my disappearance;They would hardly remember that I existed,And gave peace of mind and grains of joy once and for all.I won’t come again as they wish;But I may appear when all conditions fall together.It is nice to be a rainbowAnd be loved crazily for a moment.It is so easy for them to fall in loveAnd forget easily as soon as I am gone.I would still love to be a rainbow;Be a symbol of beauty and a messenger of impermanence,Keep reminding about the bitter truth of attachment,And the futility of anything around us.

~Yeshi Nidup


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