Hello! Rain Wash My Pain

Wandering cloud over the hill
Hello! Hot, why do you chill ?
Rain will wash you once again
It’ll wash my hurt and pain.
Be alert! it can cause landslide
Rivers overflow side by side
Rain will wash draught again
It’ll wash my hurt and pain.
It comes randomly in the sky
Entirely sweeping doubt and die
Flood may occur careful again
Hello! Rain wash my pain.
Let’s welcome it on the land
Don’t ban its way with the hand
Circulating blood it runs again
It may revive which is in vein.
Things are waiting your arrival
For full time certain survival
Give yearly relief once again
Come near and wash my pain.
~Bhansingh Dhami

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Rain, rain, come and cool the earth and our minds….we surrender before you and await your outpour that sustains plants, animals, and us without doubt….let our parched lands absorb your energy drop by drop and remain fertile ever for the mankind to prosper….