Everyone in the Process of Learning

Everyone in the world is in the
 process of learning a new and
  innovative thing,
whether it is in childhood or
In the process of learning,
age doesn’t matter as age is just a
and on the basis of number, we
      can’t decide our life.
Every minute and second, we learn
     little new things,
that stays long forever.
Learning is something,
 that will
 enrich and enhance our life.
In this enormous world, we get
   learning as a gift,
which is filled with courage,
     confidence and happiness.
From person to person, we need to
    spread the process of learning,
with big smile and abundance of love.
Everyone in the world is in the
         process of learning,
to make themselves a better
      version and an upgrade one,
so that we all are ready to face
      huge challenges in our life.
~ Srimoyee Neogi 
Kolkata, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Change is at the centre of learning and every new day is an opportunity bestowed upon us to avail it and try our hands at new things that create an impact in life. With learning we are sure to get rid of monotony that is an inescapable element in a comfort zones we find ourselves happy with!