Divine Love

If we meet on a love date of our souls,

we will love the most irresistible,

removing the colour difference in clothes

and laying the body, covering the body…

We won’t be concerned with face, features or fairness;

We’ll be assimilated by the soul’s embrace…

whose sweet melody is not exhausted till death,

We’ll give each other a kiss on the lips…

Your breath will absorb the fragrance of my breath

and will make you keep smelling like me.

We will pore ourselves into each other

to avoid the sorrows of departure.

Whenever the separation is out of tolerance,

we will join again as a  duet love song.


~Dr. Neeru Jain

Jaipur, India



  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Divine love has no conditions to meet with ; it thrives on its own accord…. external situations have nothing to do with this!