Collage of Chaos

Footprints on the solitary sands are swept away by the blow of time.

Corpses count hours frozen within the petals of evil flowers.

Whining whispers are heard under the bizarre bowers,

Sheltering scattered signs from the cantankerous clime.

The skeptical soul is caught in the web of complex conundrums.

In the spring eyes no longer wonder seeing skeletons of trees.

Lips can’t remember whether they have ever got any warm kiss.

Life’s being measured with lungs smoking and teeth chewing gums.

Ashes of merry-making memories are dashed away by the oblivious wave,

While macabre memories come back to haunt from the ghostly grave.

The sound of silent tears is unheard by etherized ears.

In the fragmented pieces of mirror, fragmentation appears.

The feet that have walked through the alleys of rats,

Move to the boulevards of bats where fog roams like lazy cats.

From the modus vivendi

Between awakening and sleeping,

Between smiling and weeping,

Between walking and standing,

Between knowing and understanding,

Between shadow and shade,

Between being alive and dead,

Between everywhere and nowhere,

Between nowhere and everywhere,

Where the invisible light merges with the visible darkness,

Noisy silence and silent sound create a chaotic symphony,

Reflecting stories from histories and histories from stories,

Contrasting faith and doubt in mysteries and memories;

The lost soul finds its encrypted Epiphany.


~Swapnajeet Das

Kolkata, India 

One Comment

  1. Vandana Sharma

    The ending of the poem is great and may be this is what a soul wants.