Cultivated the beans
in the open sunlight.
Crushed into powder,
packed for the consumers!
The hard toil is rewarded
at the end of the day.
Bring smile on the face,
The dusk descended,
the desire mounted,
a warm cup of coffee
prepared –
wisps of steam curling up,
I took a careless sip,
assumed a mid-distant gaze,
lost myself in the taste!
A beverage,
strong enough
to boost up sinews,
energise the muscles,
enhance the potency,
entertain the break,
amid the tedium of work!!
Nature is weird,
knows the needs and choices,
of the mortals of the globe!
plans and programs
to lift the dropping spirit,
to lift the dropping mood!
A symbol of richness,
looks down upon the poor,
a dream for them
to satiate the thirst
with the drink!
Yet desire
never takes a backseat.
A nation of inequality.
A nation of shame.
A nation to be revamped!!
 ~Kunal Roy
Kolkata, India

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