Changing Relation

My brother, how much I love you can’t be magnified,
But you’re not with me how I could myself identified.
My childhood memories crashed & succumbed,
But you’re not aware of them & how imprudent.
You’re always quarreling with me & making me cry,
But a few hours later you’re adoring my celestial sky.
Time passes & features the seasonal autumn leaves,
Now I’m ready to mislaying you as illusion faves.
Your life partner’s responsibility to you I acknowledge,
But my love for you maternally affection & not become a skewed kludge.
You said that you’re balancing the relation,
But in reality, you’re creating an unspecified equation.
But I always realize you I’m  your “Kuiper belt”,
You’re coldest like Neptune “without being felt”.
~Reetu Yadav
New Delhi, India

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