Blue Jay

They arrive in time each morning

Not a trace of laziness or boredom

as they forage for food, meet up with friends…

Against the blue-green foliage, their

blue-white-black plumage

and shrill calls entice passersby.

Unmindful of the morning walkers,

they perch on the large oaks

feast on the acorns, take flight

whenever they desire –

Watching them in the early hours

is therapeutic and inspiring.

Mood elevating, for they seem to convey  –

“Follow your own feelings and intuition!”

Summer is at its scorching best.

The heat of the last few weeks

has kept them away, I wonder where they are!

Come back, dear Blue Jay!! Come back, here!!


~Hema Ravi

 New Jersey, USA


Photo Courtesy: N. Ravi (Blue Jay at Edison, NJ)


  1. Gulnar Raheem Khan

    Beautiful lines, Hema!

  2. Beautiful poetry, my very best wishes!!