Beware, Karm Will Get You!

Like a vegetable, he lay for a fortnight
Moaning & groaning in pain
Calling out to someone in his inaudible voice
Holding long conversations with invisible people!
As time passed..
With a great effort a word or two he could
mumble incoherently
Anger & irritation reflected his frustration
His vision he had lost
No control over his body he had
His hands & legs like a newborn babe’s
moved uncontrollably
He lay helpless
Suffering his ‘ Karm’–
(The arbitrator of our final destination)
That spares no one!
Twisting & turning in immense pain was..
The greatest challenge for him
Silently & helplessly we watched him suffer
Neither doctors nor medicines could ease his suffering
His agonised tortured expression
The silent vacant look
All pinpointed his anguish
His mind & body no longer co-operated
He felt madness ruling his mind
For mercy & death, he implored
Yearning for forgiveness for..
All his unbelievably petrifying ‘karm’
To God, he cried out all in vain
But Karm, the ruler & the judge of all life
Did take his ‘pound of flesh’
Before the sinner was allowed to..
Take his last deep breath and..
Fall into a peaceful slumber eternally!
‘Karm,’ the supreme ruler of our final destination….
Is the decider of our ultimate ‘terminus’!
It makes each one of us pay for-
All our wrongdoings depend on–
How full our pot of ‘karm’ is!
It alone has the key to open–
The shackles of sin—
We have chained ourselves with!
~Anu Bannore
Jabalpur, India


  1. Jaishree+Misra

    This is an extraordinary poem depicting pain, fear, and anguish in a way so graphic that it shakes the reader up !
    A tale with a message . Karma takes its pound of flesh , even though the reader prays for the unspeakable anguish of the protagonist to end , the karma must have its pound of flesh .
    We are warned we are moved we are left speechless !

  2. well written , well said. little do people realize that karma follows you at every step. What you sow you reap, in this life or that. The reality portrayed in this poem says it all… a lesson to learn and follow a fruitful life rather instead of indulging in petty mentality
    thanks for this eye opening poem anuradhaji

  3. Thanks Ms Diwakar for throwing more light on the significance of Karma in our life. Hopefully people will take up the subject of Karma seriously & try to be better & give up harassing others for their enjoyment in malicious ways by making innocent people suffer.