Banyan Tree

A strangler fig
Grows from seeds that land on other trees
Roots come down to smother their host
And grow into stout branch supporting pillars
Huge sturdy figure making a statement
An ecological lynchpin
Producing vast crop of figs
Providing food to many species
Birds, bats, and other creatures
Plants and many other breeds
A spiritual guide
Krishna sat and Geeta flowed
Buddha sat and spirituality blowed
A cosmic world tree growing upside down
With its roots touching the heavens
A permanent figure
Right in the midst of multiple things
Grandpa’s stories grandma’s rituals
Papa’s college and mama’s canteen
Village panchayats and nearby temples
You are our evergreen  Kalpvraksh
Never missing any milestones
~Meenu Lodha 


  1. Beautiful poetry💐💐💐💐

  2. Thanks for liking the poem