Autocratic Blemish

Perhaps the only treasure we got,

the most valuable of all.

Reckless human race forgot,

The need to recall.


Once its resources, numerous and unlimited

Beauty and peace widespread

Of what treason we had it assaulted

Capricious fate of future ahead


It’s only us who extirpated,

little by little, time to time.

Never regard your coevals as ill-fated.

You’ve got the chance to rectify the greatest crime.


It’s not, it’s not only we are affected,

chain of ecology is shaken.

Seems like we are defeated,

You’ve the courage to fix the broken.


Reduce, reduce pollution level.

Reuse, and reuse to deflate garbage.

Recycle, recycle the single thing you are able,

to prevent any more damage.


It’s in your hands,

the destiny, the future.

Save the lands,

for its native creature.


                                                                  ~ Arit Ghosh

                                                                        Midnapore, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    The three “r”s that claim to take the earth back to ‘nature!’