A Self Hypothesis

The silence around me is heavy,

The silence in me, deafening;

The unsolicited advices, whispers, screams,

My mind and existence they’re threatening.


How do I embrace these caverns in me

Without my hands traversing with the hope

Of finding something to replenish them?

It’s an arduous journey and I am trying to cope.


How do I cease these abrasive thoughts?

An orchestra of every shade of pain;

For the garth once adorned with dandy blossoms,

Will never behold spring tide again.


A tree laden with fruit, bows in appeasement

To the Earth that nourished it’s entirety.

But what of the tree with slaughtered buds,

Even to protest, has it not the liberty?


The darkness around me is dense,

My soul is stark naked as if on exhibition,

Unable to deduce whether I am sinking in darkness or soaking it in,

The cosmos witnessing our integration.


~Jerifa Ahmed

Nagaon, India

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