A Reverie

One day,
My image in my mirror
Began to speak to me
I got startled, as
I noticed an ‘image-in-image’,
Emanating an angelic glow
Surely should be
My Beloved wife,
My Divine Saint,
Now in Heaven,
Holding a Seat in God’s regime.
I bowed my lowly head
Imploring her to grace
Her own mansion,
Long neglected, deserted, but
She called it now mine
As she had left it quite ago,
Then she demanded me
The reason of my haggard looks
“It’s all because of you”,
“All because of you”
I almost cried impatiently.
A flicker of smile
I noticed on the image’s face
Without waiting she murmured
“You were ever so,
Never caring for yourself, but for others.”
“Yes, I was ever so, but then you cared for me.”
I went on speaking
“Anyway, I am content in my state
Am trying to follow your footsteps,
And sure will not disappoint you in any way.”
My plight still coaxed me to continue
“But, please light up the way to reach your son
Who has gone far away in helpless disappointment
Which looms large over his visage, so glowing earlier
I miss his youthful sheen, and my heart begins to sink
Urge you to enlighten his mind and heart
Bring him back to his natural  native self
Illuminate his youthfulness with the divinity
Which you alone can bring to your loved son
And pour your divine blessings on all of us.”
Then I placed my petition
“O my holiest Saint!
Impart me with the strong will and perseverance
To execute whatever is left unexecuted after you
Before my innings is over on this planet.”
Suddenly, my mirror began to be hazy, and
I think I noticed two tiny drops called tears
At the edges of both her angelic eyes,
The ‘image-in-image’ started retracing its steps,
Muttering “Things will be right; don’t worry,
He will come back clean,
Certainly, our son will come back.”
Stunningly I was looking at my own image in the mirror
As if regaining consciousness from a mesmerizing trance.
Hope is the flower or light that never droops, nor dims.
So let us hope for the best to come.
~Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal
Agra, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Hope is such a powerful ingredient that renders one’s life spicy and fulfilling…. not to ignore this element in taking life to the expected level….it oughtn’t to be a reverie but a reality in fact!