A Lady Artist

An ambitious lady who was born and

brought up in a small town was a

brilliant student in her school.

She began her love affairs with art

and painting under the watchful

eye of her father.

She was inspired by different people’s

idea and different arts, when

she started to paint.

The lady was recognised as an artistic

brand, when she was painting without

her father’s influence.

It was at that point that her

father said she was ready to go

without his guidance.

She has continued to keep the identity

of her father who taught her

painting on canvas.

But after a troublesome marriage in

her middle age, she couldn’t

continue her art.

The lady who has to look care of her three

children found less time

to commit to work.

She realized art can change her character,

for she teaches her humility

and patience.

She recollected her father who advised

that artists’ to chase new

content to present.

About sixty years later she commenced

putting paint to canvas on her

father’s legacy.

She pushed ahead with her artistic career

and joined in the painting exhibition

in her town.

It is true that her family’s encouragement

was instrumental to success

in her life.


~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    Encouragement holds the key in one’s development and growth… we are fortunate to be surrounded with souls that provide us with words of positivity as to move us ahead and achieve what dominates our mind!