Travelling Makes a Person Wise

The journey of life is feeling anxiety or stress

with failures and disappointments.

I am able to travel all over the world, while

I’m still fit enough to enjoy the places.

I temporarily stayed in a few places in Himalayan

regions and enjoyed beautiful cultures.

The journey was completely inspiring, because

bright green land embraced me always.

The hills were dotted with oak trees which provided

an ideal setting for nature lovers.

It was breathtaking, because the climate and food

has its own specialty in every place?

Traveling is probably one of the best teachers

to know about lifestyle and places.

Like a migratory bird, I was traveling to different

countries but it required enthusiasm.

When I dreamt to visit London, a few years ago,

I boarded a flight in the morning.

As if I was a bluebird in the boundless sky

during the fantastic eight hours’ journey.

I was flying in region of upper atmosphere,

where there was blissful air.

I could see the expanse of cloudy sky flying softly and

I was moving like a snow-white swan.

When the flight circled over London and

was waiting for clearance to land, I got nervous.

I later realized that city of London is

beautifully organized and I was surprised.

I don’t know what gave me the impression but

I could feel London is all about festivals.

For those who love old-world charm, there is

nothing better than the glories of London.

I had the pleasure of journeying to New York,

New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Disneyland.

Travelling makes a person wise and it not only

enriches experience, but imparts education.


~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

New Delhi, India

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