Sarabhai Sense Season 2

by Nourin N.K

Welcome back readers! I hope you people haven’t forgotten this poor neighborhood writer. Even if you did, I am pretty sure our Sarabhai is still alive in your very heart.

 I am not so sorry to admit that I was in exile. But here I am happy to be back again! Full-on power to take you back to our unnaturally beautiful Gyaan Nagar. To all those who are unfamiliar with our Sarabhai, let me take the privilege to introduce our cult figure to you all.

 Meet Miss Sarabhai,  the modest woman in Gyaan Nagar. She’s known for her generous nature and dutiful actions. She’s so generous that she will be ready to spend hours even in the middle of the road to deliver you unsolicited free advice about life. No wonder why she has been appointed as the head of the women’s community here in Gyaan Nagar.  One of the biggest qualities of our Sarabhai is that she takes great effort to mould a better society where women would learn to “Behave”.

 Moreover, her benevolent heart is so huge that whenever she sees an unmarried or divorced middle-aged woman like me, she would add us to her checklist so that when the right time comes she can bargain us with a fair educated man. But keep in mind that for the divorcees, the offer is limited with some conditions and clauses. I must say, Lucky are those “young” unmarried ones. Because according to Sarabhai, their demands can be met with ease if they are all ready to welcome the Damad ji (son-in-law) with the prescribed Gifts.

 Think about it folks!! Is there anyone like Sarabhai who is ready to make such a great effort for the well-being of others in this corrupt world? I can’t find any like her. And I am pretty sure you all agree with me as well.

 These are the least things among the prominent matters Sarabhai has dealt with for the people of Gyaan Nagar. I have always wondered about her courage to talk against the caste system publicly just a few days after checking on my caste category and cataloging me for ‘future’ needs.  One must surely need great bravery to speak about such a sensitive issue. But for Sarabhai, it’s just a cup of tea. This is one of the many reasons why I admire her the most, she hardly takes any effort to showcase her ability to deal with situations effortlessly.

 Since I am still a fresher in Gyaan Nagar, I look forward to encountering new things from this city every day. And If I get lucky enough, I wouldn’t let go of any chance to learn from Sarabhai herself. I am sure you people wish the same. Until we meet again, make sure to meditate on her valuable lesson. See you soon.

About the Author:

Nourin N K from Kerala, graduate in English language and literature, author of the book “Untying My Wings” ( Currently pursuing MA in English language and literature under Calicut University from Madappally Arts and Science college. In quest of discovering the untold versions of human story with nature. 

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