My Father Is My Whole World

My father is my whole world,

He is strong, loving, and kind.

He makes me learn the lessons of life.

He makes me happy when I am sad

He is my true friend and guide

He laughs at my silly jokes and always takes my side

He fulfills all my wishes.

My father is the true hero of my life.

He takes time off from his work to talk with me.

I am glad he is my father.

He holds a special space in my heart.

He is really the best.

I love you, dad.


~ Lavanya 



  1. Well said

  2. Very nice poem 😊👍

  3. Wonderful definition of Father.

  4. A poem expressing true father love.

  5. Excellent👏👏

  6. this beautiful poem on your papa reveals the traditional values instilled in you. The first two lines of the poem contain the theme of the poem and the reader becomes aware of a father’s role in the life of children. The strong, silent figure(who appears to be such), is in fact the backbone of the family… the silent caretaker.
    you have penned your thoughts in a natural, beautiful style, all your very own . Congrats,keep up your good work and keep penning more beautiful poems on any subject you fancy.

  7. Very well said beta. I feel proudy. Keep it up and makes your dreams come true

  8. True lines

  9. Vihaan Khandelwal

    Nice Poem…

  10. Vihaan Khandelwal

    Good Words

  11. Amazing poem. Keep it up.