My Dear Dad

My dear dad

You are my hero

I always feel happy and safe

Under your shadow


You are a terrific teacher too

You trained me to ride a cycle

You always taught me to do good deeds

You coached me to play cricket


When I fell down

You coaxed me to stand

When I cried

You made me laugh


When I was very  sick

You didn’t slept that night

You looked after me

I became fine and healthy very soon


Because of your blessings and care

You eat stale food

So that your family can eat fresh food

You work very hard


To keep your family always happy

In my universe

You are a shining star

A star who is genius


And can never loses his sparkle

My beloved dad,

You never let me feel the lack of anything

I just want to say


Thank you, my superhero for everything

I am so glad

That you are my dad

I love you more than

Number of stars in the sky


~ Saksham Batra



  1. Excellent Poetry Saksham….

  2. Nice

  3. Ashok Kumar Batra

    You are doing a great job. Very very good beta and keep on doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉❤️❤️🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈💐💐💐💐💐

  4. Very beautiful poem describing love with father.

  5. Excellent Poem. I wish everyone should have Father like this. Life will be easy, happy and entertaining. Awesome work done 😄👍👏

  6. It’s a really beautiful poem

  7. I think Saksham you are are, one day going to become a real good poet in your own right. The expressive manner in which you you composed this heart- warming poem reveals your talent in an implicit manner.Keep up your good work and challenge yourself for composing poems on any subject you dream of in an artistic manner.

  8. sometimes auto corrections drive you nuts . Sorry for the twice written ‘are’

  9. Vihaan Khandelwal

    Fabulous Poem…

  10. Vihaan Khandelwal

    This Is An Amazing Poem

  11. Nicely thought represented …. Nice poetry

  12. Wonderful poem beta… True expression of love 🎉🎉

  13. Very Nice

  14. It’s really a nice poem.