Kabir-a Poet With a Difference

by Rajesh’Lalit’ Sharma

Kabir was a great poet of his time. Although no one knows about his birth and his parents. Some historians guess about his birthday was around 1400 BC at Varanasi. He was found near the pond or river Ganga. He was brought up by a weaver called Neeru.
 He was spiritual by nature. He was brought up by a Muslim. He got his Diksha from a renowned Saint Ramananand Ji. One day when Ramanand Ji was going to take his bath in the holy river Ganga; he stepped upon Kabir and uttered “Ram Ram”. Kabir took these words as his words of guru.
 That was a period of the Bhakti cult. There was spiritualism in the air. Meera, Soordas, Ghananand, Swami Haridas, and many more were contemporary and they all were devotional in their verses. Most of the poets were Lord Krishna’s devotees but Kabir was on a different course.
 Kabir was away from the traditional way of worshiping God. He preferred to stay away from the evils. To lead your life with truth and honesty. You can worship God By staying at home. You need to keep HIM in your heart. Many of his verses clearly say to stay away from superstitions and to follow unethical traditions. One of his verses defines all his principles:-
कांकड़ पाथर जोड़ कर,
मस्जिद लई बनाय।
जां चढ़ मुल्ला बांग दे
क्या बहरा हुआ खुदाय।।
See another one::-
माला फेरत जुग गया
मिटा न मन का फेर।
कर का मनका छोड़ कर
मन का मनका फेर।।
Kabir says that HE lives in your innermost. One has to follow the righteous path. Be kind to others. That’s how you can reach HIM and seek HIM. Stay calm and peaceful from inside and you will be nearer to Him. You don’t need to read any book or go to any place for worship. HE is everywhere in nature only you need an eye to see him.

About the Author:

Rajesh Sharma is a poet and author and has published in various journals and newspapers such as Punjab Kesari, Sahityapedia, and Sahityakunj. He lives in Delhi. 


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