Jade Plant

Precious glory of nature,
Perfect peer of a lonely soul,
Pearl of a safe harbor,
My jade plant is my favorite armor.
Standing tall and smart,
It smiles every morning fresh start,
Giving abundance of peace to me,
I hover around it like a bee.
Preserving tranquil all the night,
It calms every cell devoid of light,
Ceasing all the worries and sadness,
Torrents of happiness flow down in aptness.
It was tiny, yet, the cutest gift,
Green and fresh full of life,
Now it has spread its wings,
Giving perfect scenario of positive feelings.
You are my friend for life,
You are my lucky charm to thrive,
Thank you for your sacrifices made for me,
Staying inside and making me smile like a sea.
~ Bishnu Maya Acharya 

One Comment

  1. Vandana Sharma

    So sweet gesture and a friend for life!!