Failing Trance…

The Sun galloped down the mysterious hills,
Aborning the primerose in every feel,
I strolled in loneliness down the browny woods,
Eavesdropping the nearing of sonorous hooves.
It was just a hallucination of my unstatic mind,
For my mind was blown by the autumnal wind,
I rambled down the woods as my pet habit,
Hugging the fuzzy furs of my little rabbit.
Western hills swallowed the blazing Sun,
In the count of five, four, three, two, and one,
Crickets chirped and frogs croaked around me,
But I was lost in the sassuration of the sea.
The final wave of the sea woke me from a dream,
In solitude, I yelled and screamed,
I was alone in the dusty blow of the sand,
I hid my countenance behind trembling hands.
I sobbed hundreds of tears,
I sobbed in the deepest fear,
I lost every rhythmic cheer,
I was pierced by the sharpest spear.
I ran up the hills and down the vales,
My thoughts ashen and my face pale,
I lost my energy to withstand my tear,
I was in the claws of breath, and death was near.
I kept running down the desolated street,
Seeking for my lost spirit,
For the final time, I reached the gurgling stream,
Alas! Rabbit was near me and I was in dream.
~ Bagawath Bhandari

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