Empty Thought

As age keeps growing, I try hard not to get old,But mind you not to be bold and cold.Set your mind free of greedAnd let it not bleed with faulty creed.                                         I live with empty thoughts,As I promise not to burden my world with doubts.I walked into this world empty,And I shall go back empty even if I have plenty.                                        Then, why do I hold on so dearlyTo those things that hold meaning barely.Do I recognize my mindOr is my mind blind?                                        I search for peace,In the past, present, and future to be at ease.I realized it is nowhere to be foundThan to have it cultivated in the minds foreground.                                        I shall nurture my mind to grow,As beautiful and as bright, and glorify to glow.But I must guard myself in its presence,As mind can be wild and careless in its existence.                                                              Let the thought rise from thoughts,And let it speak but not the odds.Every thought shall hear and see,And feel and smell the common plea.                                        
~Yeshi Nidup

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  1. sancha raj subba

    The most inspiring leader ever met on earth 🙏🙏🌄
    you are not alive today but you will be alive along with sun and moon as a great leader sir 🌄🌄🙏😍