As Time Goes By

Soul ever remains young, hunting experiences;
Travels through multiple lifetimes spent,
Gains timeless experiences, learnings:
Appearances change with time,
The change so happened,
Time has gone by!
Thinking of an era gone by,
Even multiplies as time passes by,
Experiences-maturing with time,
The outlook simply modifies,
Entangles convictions, impressions!
Remember the Past,
Roll the clock back in time,
Refreshing memories once again,
Find things are not the same!
The changes now remarkable,
As the time passes by,
The days that were pink, appear grey;
As memory ink fades with time,
For the things do not remain the same as time goes by!
The time is never the same,
As it goes by, so subtle is the change;
Changes noticed after a while,
Despite thoughts remaining young,
The changes now confirmed,
The loss of time so felt,
As the time goes by!
When aging happens,
Compare remembrances afresh,
As time moves away from past,
The time has passed by,
The process makes one older and wiser,
With mature thoughts taking over,
As the time passes by!
Nature’s protection, call it God’s safety device!
Of the Spring, Summer, and Autumn of life,
As the Winter of life gives a close call,
With time no longer in control,
Wait for time to shred the life,
As Soul renews itself, forever young it stays;
Over and again as it keeps coming afresh!
Life repeats somewhere,
As one completes the Circle of life!
Young Soul gets Old, matures with time;
Transcendent state away from Cycle of Rebirth!
~Dr. Rajesh Chauhan
New Delhi, India


  1. Very beautifully expressed!

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  3. Harinder Singh Bedi

    Amazing flow of words. You are getting better every day ….Congratulations

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