An Ode to Passion

The sheen locks dangle,
resembling a sparkling cascade,
The eyes speak a love of rarity,
or lust,
or passion,
to bewitch the masculinity!
being incorrigibly sensuous
is your insolence:
the asset of your fair countenance!
The succulent reddish lips,
Intensifies the fire in me,
unrestrained heart,
singed soul,
like the molten evening sun,
maddens everything around me!
Desire maims the conscience,
embrace transforms –
into a bracing truth anew!
You are not the Cleopatra,
nor the Helen of Troy,
but the heart is stolen silently,
keeps other things at bay!
A distant dream,
of the distant world.
O! my sweetheart,
not a painting of the dark walls,
not a fantasy of the midnight hour,
not an illusion of the clock!
A dream damsel,
woven –
crazily drives me,
a touch is craved for,
coax and cajole –
all I deserve,
I believe!
Caress and Solitary moments,
all I want,
at this very hour,
of my brevity!!
 ~Kunal Roy

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  1. Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal

    Nicely expressed !!