The Universe War of Future

When the first universe war bell will ring
The ears will leave listening
The eyes will blame each other
The nostrils will blame mucus
The mouth will blame the tongue
The tongue will blame saliva
For tastelessness.
When the second universe war bell
Will ring,
The fingers will leave the pen
The pen leave the paper
The paper will leave the books
The books will leave the library
The library will leave the world
The world will leave the hands
The hands will fall apart.
When the third universe war bell will ring,
The shoes will leave the feet
The feet will leave walking and running
The race will leave the track
The track will leave the dots
The dots will go into the vicious circle
Where there will be nothing
The living and non-living dust particles.
Then, the feet will become the heads
And the heads will become merely hairs,
The hairs in hair dresser’s
After the invasion in all planets
All routes will be shut down,
In earth, space and universe.
The new cycle of the era will be commenced
To arrange human life
Where there will be an illiterate couple
From innocence and ignorance,
Then, I am hopeful-
Education begins once more!
~ Bhan Singh Dhami

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