Month: March 2022


Everyday, A New Normal

by Shikha Poddar Everything has changed. This realization dawns on me every time I come back to this town. Only on some visits, it feel like a dull noise in the background. While on others, like the one that day, this realization hits harder than a bus. And the way […]


The Emperor and His Law

by Sundar Viswam The Emperor was a famously kind but strict ruler. The worst thing you could do in his Kingdom was to break the law. From the smallest crime to the most heinous, the investigation was quick and punishment was brutal. It was reported that crimes had come down […]


Tathagata’s Lunchbox

I saw words tucked in the wrinkles of Tibetan people. Refugees were gossiping in the stale group, after the China invasion, Tibet bled. They live safely in the Main Part beside their election council and Dhakpo Shedupling Buddhist Monastery. gully dogs looked frisky. in a thatched hut open in four […]


Self Antipodal Reflections of COVID Quarantine

The spring was about to ring the bell bringing along the chirpy cheerfulness, As days passed by instead, this joy drifted away and was overpowered by dullness. Suddenly whatever earlier appeared as fresh, beautiful, and bloomy, Gradually was turning to pale, murky, and even entirely gloomy. The pleasure of liveliness […]


मौत का श्रृंगार

मौत का श्रृंगार देखो, देखो भाई वो आया लेकर मेरे मौत का श्रृंगार थी तो मेरी शादी चारो ओर चहल पहल अवश्य छाई थी लेकिन मालूम न था किसी को भी की चढ़ रही थी बली किसी की मजा मौज के माहौल मे बन रहीं थी उनकी बड़ी बड़ी योजनाएं […]


Kadhi Khichadi: The Unique Speciality Of Parbhani

by Siddhi Dharmadhikari  The diversity of India is reflected in its food. Equivalent to its culture, the food is also considerably diverse. One of the main reasons is that it has been infested by many foreign rulers such as Mughal, Afghans, Persians, Turks, Portuguese, English, etc. It is said that […]


Don’t Call Me…

Don’t call me fool, Instead, call me ‘full,’ As I am filled with love, And soar like a dove. Don’t call me stupid, Instead, call me ‘unique,’ For I have a unique style, To walk down an aisle. Don’t call me pathetic, Instead, call me ’emphatetic,’ As I show empathy […]


Faces of Life

When life is glaring with sunshine,I hardly appreciate the Sun.When clouds and fog overrides the sky,I dearly miss the Sun.When the night is brightly lit,I seldom cherish the Moon.When it is engulfed in the darkness,I cry for the Moon.When the days are good,I rarely keep my God in prayers.When things […]