Spending Holiday in a Zoo

One day a young boy with his younger sister

decided to go to the Zoo to spend their time leisurely.

The girl wore embroidered bodice, trousers

of shimmering silk brocade and slippers,

The boy who looked romantic was dressed in

velvet breeches and a white shirt.

They went to a zoo from where anyone above

nine years can choose to adopt an animal.

Few pet animals were available in the zoo, but

they couldn’t choose the animal to adopt.

Meantime they could see the rain and they felt

the gushing wind around the vast area.

The leaves of the coconut trees looked as if they

were dancing vigorously in front of the Zoo.

Meanwhile, they could see a few children also

who arrived at the Zoo to spend their holiday.

Wind and storm were a sudden surprise

when the children entered the Zoo.

The rain finally stopped after an hour and

everyone entered the Zoo very happily.

While walking inside the Zoo, they could

observe few birds and monkeys in the Zoo.

The young boy suddenly pointed out to a

big bird sitting all alone on top of a tree.

While walking a little further, they could see

animals were loitering inside the fence.

Sometime later, they stopped near a deer

who was very sensitive and ran fast.

They could see some deers are dotted and

some had beautiful antlers in this Zoo.

A sudden thunderstorm dampened their

enthusiasm and cut short their zoo visit


                                                                                                    ~Bhupesh Karmakar



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