Pleas for Peace

Of what I’ve learned of war,
terror is all it brings to the earth,
souls are all it feeds to the earth,
casualties all it causes with awe.
For what the world has seen of war,
it was again struck with terror and panic
as Kremlin kicked Kyiv’s soil with missiles.
Could that smoke be a sign of war?
Whole world went rationally frantic.
Because Earth’s wary of hits and spills.
A blast on a nation is a blast on all.
As humans, we feel other’s groans,
just as we share in their excitement.
All we ask for is peace. When all
else won’t work, humanity’s tones
must rise above Man’s ego scent.
~ Sulyman Abdulmumeen Yitta


  1. Powerfully worded. Kudos!

  2. Very well articulated