Month: February 2022


A World of My Mother and Me

In all deeds, she observes with care Moves heart with the incline of prayers Her intention is to gain Desire to efface my pain   A pure touch and courteous Her love is bounded earliest The best of bright I find into her eyes   The work of unusual She […]


Haldiram’s on Wheels…

by Heena Malik The Nagpur Division Central Railway has transformed a railway Coach into Haldiram’s outlet. The new Haldiram branch which is called Haldiram Express is open now for the Passengers, as well as non-passengers, and for the Nagpur people. The restaurant is located just at the main Gate of […]


In Retrospect

If I am to live a peaceful life,I shall not be governed by ego.Before I am robbed of all the goodness of life,There is so much that I must forgo.In design, life is sweet;But only if I can behold the truth.In darkness, I shall never learn to quit;Rather make my […]


A Good Reader

A good reader is someone who, Always appreciates the ideas, thoughts and hard work of the writer. Adores every moment through the lines. Captures every word which takes place in our heart and mind. Try to connect emotionally with the meaning of the poem and stories, Gives deep reading of the […]


Expect an Unexpected

Are you ready to see the unseen? And witness the unwitnessed? Not knowing the end to commence, Men strive daily day and night. A fascinating period of our existence, With firm conviction and immortal hopes. With each step, you take and decision you make, Yet nothing is assured, EXPECT AN […]


Environment of the Village

I have grown up in a secular environment in my village. My village is located between the forest and a long river. My house is made of thatched roofs and walls with mud. Nature lovers will relish the environment of the village. I used to visit the forest area to […]


Any Sense?

Sometimes I wish to see the world burn For it is unfair to me and many                        other Sometimes I wish the season to change For it is not in favor of me and many           […]


COVID19 Variants

Wave after wave, the virus is surging Each time more resistant are emerging As if nature wants to end the human race At its consistently rapid pace.   The rate at which omicron spreads Has put several people at threat Especially to those unvaccinated, Weak, sick, unhealthy and emaciated.   […]


My Best Friend

She was the prettiest girl I ever knew Though I always laughed at her self obsession She was the one who laughed at me and with me The one who knew all my secrets And yet stayed with me We cried together and bitched about this boring life And the […]