Month: February 2022


Go Forward

by Sidhartha Mishra Once upon a time, a wood-cutter went into a forest to chop wood. There suddenly he met a Bramachari.  The holy man said to him, “My good man, go forward.” On returning home the wood-cutter asked himself, “Why did the Brahmachari tell me to go forward?” Some […]


आओ, चलो कहीं और चलें

आओ, चलो कहीं और चलेंइन आसमानी ऊंचे फ्लैटों से दूरजिनसे मानव ही मानव सर दिखते हैं!आओ, नीचे उतरो, और चलो संगउस अलग-थलग हुई मानवता केजो अपने अपने अवसादी भवनों मेंपड़ी पड़ी ढोंग कर रही है रहने का! आओ, चलो कहीं और चलेंभाव शून्य ऊंची आसमानी मंजिलों से दूरमिट्टी के ममतामयी धरातल […]


Limitless Leisure

Every Night,I look toward the constellation from the terrace of my colossal castle,A symposium of symphonies is held near my ears,Everything takes place quietly, there is no need to hustle,The melody of melancholy my mind heartily hears, The earth gets covered by the carpet of the silver moon,A mild wind […]



Strolling back merrily through the pages of history When roads were weak and the transport was a mystery Some said they were horses, some said they were men But the first public vehicle was an on-shoulder palanquin Further, as we row down the time’s narrow stream It was hand-drawn rickshaws […]


Wait Your Turn

Old isn’t gold It’s not an age We should Become a sage We’re told To be happy & laugh Don’t take a corner Sit there Wait for your turn And thereafter To Be churn & urn It’s your age, Don’t be a saint! Stand up, Don’t faint! Grow Every moment, […]


Could I Sell My Youth?

My bicycle takes a brake leaving childhood empty half sold. Heathen dream arose in between… napping gap. My horizon been decoded and coding a false perception. Could I sell my youth? Could I sell my plough, pen language, my bicycle…? They think of buying, themselves almighty. I can’t sell a […]


Hijab: Cloths and Controversy

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal We tend to look for religion in everything we do, what we eat, where we pray, and what we eat; everything is looked at from a religious lens. What is supposed to be a personal matter has become part of public debate. The Hijab controversy […]


Awakened Consciousness

When I think of the journey taken thus far,I wonder if I have done it wisely.My thoughts need a conscious bath instantly,Before all my expectations rise above the bar.What is stored in my star,And what defines my life’s achievement is unknown widely.My mind can’t fathom anything holy,When I don’t really […]


Gems of Life

As we walk through the path of life We meet people of various types Each year a hundred new faces Only few leave in us some traces Of memories and impressions in us Amongst the people, we met in mass. Those are the people we value the most Never leave […]



Loyalty! Loyalty! Where is loyalty? When you ask me this, Based on your seniority! Come to the land, Stay close to me, Then you will realise,  My inner ability! You can judge my actions, Not my sincerity! You can poke me with your words, Not my personality! It lies in […]