Month: February 2022


Ring Of Bondage

The  diamond-studded  gold  ring The  colourful  silver  toe  ring Confirms  my  marital  life One  mythical  ring encircling  me Is  proof  of  my  strife Drawn  by  legendary  Lakshman Seemingly  a  safety  measure Symbolic,  circular  line Is  the  ring  that  keeps  womanhood Like  all  Sitas  confined The  Ring  signifies  sorrow This  custom  I  don’t  follow     ~Sudha  Dixit Bangalore, India


End of Peace

Hey! Almighty I request you to end peace Because the world is full of weapons Superpowers are searching wars Destroying the nature of the present And future of people Filling up the land with blood See! The blood is becoming flood In streams, rivers, seas, and oceans I don’t need […]


Crooked Timber of Love

by Nida Khattak “How does it feel being deft at formulating your thoughts fluently into words?” It has been three autumns since we last talked—with that twinkle in the eye. The October’s shafts of sunlight dashed familiar glint off of  Ajmal’s noirette hair. He takes a sip of his white tea—low […]


Never Give Up

This world’s full of freaks, you ought to be insane It’s no flaw to be in someone’s bad frame. You need to aspire, no need to be broken Broken one’s won’t die, they’ll be awakened. Don’t be Clumsy bestir yourself, Don’t be ashamed of, you make no apologies. Don’t let […]


In Pain

I  sleep  shutting  you  in  my  eyes And  wake  up  with  you  in  my  mind I’ve   yet   to   convince   my   core That  you  are  not  here  anymore, For  you’ve   left A  horde  of  memories  behind     ~Sudha Dixit Bangalore, India


Sons & Father

Now that I am old I’m often being told I forget to switch off the lights Electricity bills run high I leave open doors Refrigerators Cars, wardrobes Criticised for being slow Eating, dressing, doing simple household chores I’m being oft late told Best I remain indoors Make myself scare when […]