Open Thine Eyes Over Me

Look at the dawn, after the darkest dark.

Hurly-burly birds hush to get the food.

Shores the shield stop the wave’s seek.

All the deeds change by getting they need.


Where the moon in the lighten earth,

merrily merrily, wind wipes the rains,

One lead one, it’s the universal truth.

Thee are the beacon of my miles.


Nourish some with their presence.

Utterly Butterly sounds cheers even in weep.

Husky whispers accomplish the absence.

Morrow is the change’s leap.


And then cherish me with smile, thee.

Niggle goes when cuddle me, thee.


                                                                                       ~Muhammed Mubasher. A

                                                                                                Palakkad, Kerala

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