Limitless Leisure

Every Night,I look toward the constellation from the terrace of my colossal castle,A symposium of symphonies is held near my ears,Everything takes place quietly, there is no need to hustle,The melody of melancholy my mind heartily hears,

The earth gets covered by the carpet of the silver moon,A mild wind blows and the silvered leaves dance with spree,The most beautiful butterflies come out of their cacoon,I sip the most expensive wine from the golden cup of tea,The sound of striking matches comes from the mighty mountain,My formidable finger is offered with a variety of resilient rings.In my garden, there is the most attractive fountain.My lovely lavish life is even envied by world’s all kings.But I know; there’s no perpetual pleasure in limitless leisure.All I do is what I myself even won’t want to ever measure.

~ Swapnajeet Das
 Kolkata, India

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