Life in the Woods

The beauty of Spring is not limited to the beauty of the blossom;There is so much what actually maketh the Spring.To realize the inner beauty, walk into the woods,And listen to the songs of nature.The roar of a gushing river, honk of a deer, chattering of playful monkeys, chirping and twittering of birds, and croaking of the frogs are all that keep the woods alive.Climb the mountains and valleys, travel through the gorges, cross the rivers and pass through the thick woods,talk and interact with all those mortals and immortals that we encounter,All the experiences are innate beauty of Spring.There are endless stories that we shall discover,From the mosses and creepy creatures that climb the rocks and giant trees,With its hands spread across the branches and space available.Watch out for droplets of water hanging from the tip of a leaf,That could give life to many in need of it.Keenly observe the troops of ants rushing back and forth on a giant tree,And a woodpecker drilling the trunk so hard for a living,And a pack of wolves chasing a sick and weak prey,You will realize how busy life in the woods can be. There is so much interdependence in nature,And life is intricately woven in perfect harmony.There is more peace and tranquility amidst some chaos and pain in the jungle,Which is genuine and unavoidable for the sustenance of life in the woods.Thus, what is seen, heard, and experienced in the woods is the beauty of Spring in totality. ~Yeshi Nidup
Phuentsholing, Bhutan 

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