I Lost Her!

Another loss.

One another defeat.

I knew it was gonna be pieces of heart.

I knew she will be gone.

I knew I could never tell her.

I knew Yet there was a ray of hope uncalled for.

Love buried in heart will never live now.

Once if you had looked in my eyes.

Once if you had read my heard.

Once if you had listened to my heartbeats.

Once if had realised.

I was weak to express myself.

I was weak to show open my chest.

I was weak say.

I was weak to offer.

I was weak to tell.

I was weak to ask.

But my faith, my sincerity, my love, my heart were always there for you.


~ Saqib Naqshbandi

Kashmir, India

One Comment

  1. She may knew her heart throbed for you
    Alas!she did it for you to let that piece of
    Flesh buried under sacrifical events
    Let chastity of Kingdom be alive
    To be born in a series of cyclones
    Uttering a smile not less than
    Making eyes to smile 🙂