Gems of Life

As we walk through the path of life

We meet people of various types

Each year a hundred new faces

Only few leave in us some traces

Of memories and impressions in us

Amongst the people, we met in mass.

Those are the people we value the most

Never leave them behind at any cost.


Through the journey of my life, I met a few

And each year one or two gets added new

To whom I can fully trust without a doubt

These are the treasures of my life I talk about.

Wonders I see not in their beauty or wealth

Nor their physical appearance or health

But ever blooming kindness and compassion

They left, in me, an everlasting good impression.


I call them the priceless gems of mine

Bonded by the boundless love of divine

I see them free of aversion and greed

Created in my heart, impressions of good deeds


~Deepak Raj Chetri


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