First Love or Life

The hubby said to his spouse,
“Which is first, love or life?”
His spouse heartily replied –
The love from where the life begins
The water flows
The rose blooms
The earth grows
The sky spreads beyond our imagination.
The hubby thought for a moment
Then, he makes the meanings
When love exists
Water assists rose to bloom
Rose makes the earth beautiful
Then the earth becomes meaningful
When it has the vast sky of full freedom.
Love begins from hearts-
From natural hearts
When life begins from heartless brain
It bears and pairs numerous pain
Thus, let’s bring up life from love
As love is whole and life a part
Life is seen as a knife at present
Which cuts the pipe
Through which lived-love goes on
Where it has to go.
When the love ends, it becomes a pole
When the life ends, it becomes a black hole.
~ Bhan Singh Dhami

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