End of Peace

Hey! Almighty
I request you to end peace
Because the world is full of weapons
Superpowers are searching wars
Destroying the nature of the present
And future of people
Filling up the land with blood
See! The blood is becoming flood
In streams, rivers, seas, and oceans
I don’t need precautions
Because peace is nowhere.
Peace is almost dead
separating the head from the body.
Revealing the artificial skeleton of peace
Superpowers say-
This is peace- a piece of fish
Throwing to powerless creatures
Persuading for remaining in silence
To enhance violence
Violence in minds
Then, in eyes, noses, tongues
And eventually in hands
To kill the land and people.
Thus, peace is ended
In my land, it is suspended
Because it is an era of war
And weapons.
I am saddened in air, land, and water
Where weapons are living
Wars are growing
Buddhas are dying
Because powers are buying peace
Supplying weapons
I am also selling my peace in a weapon
To end me and my land
However, I still see a hope
To regain peace- a piece of peace
War can bring
Which is daydreaming.
~Bhan Singh Dhami

One Comment

  1. Hi Bhan,
    That’s a powerful poem out there. It just establishes the fact that the so called superpowers are doing quite the opposite of what they preach of peace. Nevertheless, the world is optimistic that peace will never be wiped out of its surface. Thank you for a didactic piece.