Do You Listen

Hey! Do you listen to the silent thudsof the footsteps, wandering in searchof that lost peace that once danced?

The fairy of rainbow-tinted blossomsThe agile spark of the glow-wormThe melody of the bodacious nature’s call

Hey! Do you listen to their elegy??

The truculent rumpus of start and stopThe vain scrimmage of do or dieHave made me a live corpse..

The blossom of my life, etiolatinggradually to dwindle and decay.What way lies ahead???

Hey! Do you listen to the shriveled cries?

The silent tempest within mehas cunningly clasped me.My breath is too late to arrive.

Will my wait be over nowfor the peace too seems busy too farMy steps too seem to be dying out.

Hey! Do you listen to the final vows I take?

~Shah Bisma Manzoor

Bijbehara, India


  1. ما شا اللہ تعالیٰ بہت خوب
    اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو خوش رکھے

  2. Barakallah….
    May Allah (SWT) give ur pen that much strength that the whole world hear u without even raising ur voice u could conquer every tempest with in u. ❣