Awakened Consciousness

When I think of the journey taken thus far,I wonder if I have done it wisely.My thoughts need a conscious bath instantly,Before all my expectations rise above the bar.What is stored in my star,And what defines my life’s achievement is unknown widely.My mind can’t fathom anything holy,When I don’t really knoweth the calls that comes from afar.Though far, let me walk slowly,But I must travel guided by my Northstar,Before everyone falls asleep.I have traveled thus far solely,Taking my own soul and body in war,With consciousness awakened from sleep.

   ~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan 


  1. Interesting concept Yeshi. You should work on developing this further. You could end up with an epic poem!

  2. Yeshi Nidup(Author)

    Thank you Mike A for your wonderful comment.