Act of Magnanimity

Let me not
Think of those
Who do not
Bother for me. Why?
It’s very well said,
“You receive
But what you give.”
So why to worry
For the guys who don’t
Have time to worry for you?
I do even
The most little deeds
For those who are in need
No matter who they are, but
A flicker of joy
On their parched faces
Inexplicable contentment
Is my sole satisfaction.
So ‘doing’ for no ulterior motive
In itself is a great deed,
The real worship of God.
E-shopping is
Rich men’s social passion,
Procuring things often unwanted
But for the compulsion
Of social status, and
Their pampered kids
Do vaunt before
Their deprived class-mates,
Incapable of having
This luxury.
I have seen the haves
Looking contemptuously
At a have-not begging
Some left-over bread or biscuit
And closing the car window
Callously on their hungry face.
I implore earnestly
A little bit of magnanimity of
The “Kings and Nobles”
Of modern times
To shower a little crunch
Of their great kindness
Over the naked and hungry,
And, I am sure
The Greats will certainly be
Blessed with the greatest ever
Divine Contentment in their
Heart of Hearts.
~ Dr. Kailash Nath Khandelwal

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