The Raucous Summer

This time the summer is longer

longer than last year

my parched soul longs for

an oasis of love

the sun exudes its angry avatar

sipped dry all water bodies

lakes brooks and rivers

entire universe dons a thirsty look like me

nothing assuages my craving

nor any effort is made to  concede

even an iota of respite

my earnest yearning is to be bailed out

from this lovelorn pasture

hope, zephyr  invokes dark clouds soon

to team up with vast expanse above

sprinkle drops of rain to alleviate hurt

and remove scars on the silken soul

I beckon the alluring fragrance of petrichor

to celebrate the final breath

of this raucous summer

fill me with love once more.


~Sujata Dash

Bhubaneshwar, India

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