Untrodden Journey…

In every rhythmic swing of the hanging bridge,

Thy voice echoed in the gentle breeze,

On every wave of the dancing marine,

I saw thy love oscillating freely.


I watched the river swiftly flowing below my feet,

With a bundle of joy caressing me in every greet,

I mirrored the river in my eyes,

With a hue of blueness refracted from the sky.


I heard prayers hummed by the prayer flags,

In every capture of my merry-making heart,

I was soothed by the tweeting birds,

Perching on the tiny willow branch.


Every step on the bridge was memorable,

And the day is printed in my fable,

That would be read by my kiths and kins,

In every step of life, they will be taking.


With the Sun dipping at the rear of the hill,

I sang and danced in the thrill,

And my audience was the hill,

Watching my dance in every feeling.



~Bagawath Bhandari


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