The Time to Act is NOW

As the dark clouds reappear,

               remind us of the harrowing nightmare;

of life thrown out of gear,

                fear looming large of another scary year.


The people back to old habits,

that shattered humanity to bits,

being complacent, taking risks,

               putting innumerable lives in peril.

Their casual, irresponsible attitude,

               risking innocent lives in multitude;

not learning the lessons from the past,

               re-inviting the holocaust.


The “I am safe” opinion,

               that may blow things out of proportion;

help spread virus, like wildfire,

               and aid it to conspire

a war on entire mankind,

               leaving a trail of disaster behind;

like never seen ever before;

               shaking humanity to the core.


The virus, in the need to survive,

               changes itself, so it can thrive;

but we do not seem to learn,

               the lessons that should’ve been learnt.

We keep denying the might,

                negating the truth, wronging the right;

when will we learn to assess the harm?

               and change our behavior, the virus, disarm?


~Ekta Saxena



  1. Excellent and thought provoking words regarding irresponsible attitude 👍

  2. Thought provoking