Month: December 2021


Just Think

My  loss  of you In  life,  Love! Is  my  loss But I  may  get  Involved With  someone  else (Who  knows) Won’t  it  be Your loss!   You  could  not  Even remain A friend And I almost Bestowed  On you Status of a god Is it not Your loss   ~ […]


You and Me

Want to escape      To a quiet place      A wooden log cabin       In the wild greens       Only you and me.          Do our own chores        Sit by the door        Watch nature’s beauty […]



पिता और व्यथा हैं घनिष्ठ संबंधी, व्यथाओं से है उसका गहरा याराना! संजीदा रहना है उसकी दिनचर्या, जिम्मेदारियों से है रिश्ता पुराना!   पिता होता है द्दृढ़ स्तम्भ समग्र परिवार का, सौम्य,धीर, गंभीर होना नियति है उसकी, होता है पत्नी के मन,मस्तिष्क का भरोसा, और बच्चों की ललचाती आंखों की […]



India Do not die Many will come to kill you India, do not lose Many will come to defeat you India, do not cry Many will come to make you cry India, do not be weak Your power is great India You are brave Your enemies are just insects .. […]


Home Needs Love And a Bayonet

by Mark Antony Rossi Violence was never about power. I could care less about control. Rather it was the saddest of understandings that force played a role in righting wrongs. Evil usually weighs words on truer scales and calls out results. This test of intention is older than recorded time. […]


Panoramic View

As the droplets form the sea As watching the sun and passed the days As a thick forest filled with green As a bud blooming.   As life got a new turn As the angels danced on the hill As an immense light As a nightingale’s chirping   As a […]



Christmas is the delight of the       the month of December. It cherishes the festival with love and happiness. Christmas is beautified with        Christmas tree, and on it, we decorate with balls, bells, socks, and lights, which makes it beautiful and bright.   Not only […]