My Will

My soles are cracked and reddened,
muscles are torn and tired,
Yet, my destination is too far from near,
But still, I keep walking with a goal in mind.

The roads are rough and bumpy,
frustrating my tired and aching soles,
bringing more pains to my worn-out muscles,
And yet, I keep walking despite all these hardships.

My bones are fragile,
they had lost their agility and strength.
I am afraid if it can still hold me until then
but feeble as I am, I will still keep walking.

I will mend my cracked and broken soles,
I will embalm my torn and fatigued muscles,
I commit to walking the road even if it is rough and bumpy,
my mind and desires will lead me through this gloomy.

If I fear these tired and aching soles,
If my will loses its strength as my muscles,
I will never walk these bumpy roads,
and I will never reach my destined heights.

I have traveled this far,
amidst chaos and challenges,
have never been bothered by the risky road ahead,
because of my will, my determination is to succeed.

~Yeshi Nidup

Phuentsholing, Bhutan

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