My Favourite Festival

Diwali is a festival honouring

Mother Lakshmi-the goddess

of wealth.


It is the ‘festival of light’. We

burst crackers with our friends

and light diyas at our home.


With a flicker of lamps and aromas

of incense, our homes are

transformed into spectacles

of joy.


It is believed that river Goddess

Ganga comes to reside in all

waters on this special day.


We all go to the temple to pray

to Goddess by offering food.


Paying respect to Goddess,

decorating the house is spirit

of Diwali.


We distribute sweets to relatives,

neighbours, and friends.


It is a joyful day for minds

and soul.


This festival is not complete

without family conversations,

food and giving gifts to our

loved ones.


We spend our day with laughter.

Lighting lamps at home makes

Everyone smiled.


Diwali is one of my most favourite



                                                    ~Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                           New Delhi, India

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